Specializing in
outpatient physical therapy services for sports,
industrial, neurological, motor vehicle, geriatric, and personal injuries.

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- Success Stories -

Penn-Trafford Physical Therapy, Inc. would like to share some information about our practice. We are focused on helping people. In our efforts to do so we pride ourselves on what our patients have to say about their results.
Here are some quotes from our patients:

“Before I came to physical therapy, I was using a walker after surgery. Since coming for PT, I have progressed to a cane and am now walking on my own again. I have also regained the bend and extension in my knee.” (R.F.)

“When I first started physical therapy I could barely put any pressure on my right foot from Achilles tendon surgery. Now I can walk normally and am ready to start jogging. I don’t have any pain!” (T.S.)

“Since I have been receiving physical therapy, my level of pain in my right shoulder has been reduced significantly. I can now use my right arm for most activities pain free, and most notably, I am able to sleep throughout the night without being awakened by pain.” (K.C)

“Before I came to physical therapy I had a hard time washing my hair, brushing my teeth (those types of everyday activities that you had to lift up your arm for). After PT I can now do these things without pain. My biggest success is that I’m now playing 18 holes of golf!” (R.R.)

“I had a total knee replacement and after 5 weeks of physical therapy I am able to get in and out of my car much better. I can walk up and down steps with more ease and have gained more mobility and flexibility.”

“Before I came to therapy I couldn’t do much of anything. Now, getting into the car, getting dressed and tying my shoes is much easier. I can now go upstairs one step at a time and the pain has been reduced greatly!”

“Before my accident I could use my left hand for anything, after my accident my left hand didn’t work well at all. Now since coming to therapy I can grasp and lift things. I am left handed too and most of my writing skills have returned.”

“Before I started therapy my arm was in a sling. I had no use of my arm or hand. I had some pain and discomfort. Today I can move my arm and grasp with my hand. I have no pain and can sleep without any pillows underneath it!”

“When I first came to therapy I was dealing with a lot of pain in my ankle and foot. When walking it would really hurt and put pressure under the arch. After weeks of therapy the pain has gone away, I can walk further and my foot has gotten much stronger! My doctor was really impressed to see such great improvement.”

“Before coming to therapy, I could not move my ankle very well. After continued treatment, I regained strength and coordination in my ankle. I have more confidence running on my ankle and I feel like I can push myself to the level I did before I was injured. The therapy has helped and I’m sure I am ready for soccer season.”

“Before I came to physical therapy I could not walk on my ankle. I was on crutches and had an air cast. After physical therapy I can walk on it without any pain, and most importantly dance! I will be able to be in my school’s spring musical because of the progress here!”

“Before starting physical therapy, I had continuous pain in my elbow. I was unable to lift my car’s trunk. At times I couldn’t open the car doors or any door without pain. Now after physical therapy the pain has gone away. I can lift my car’s trunk and open any door! This was a very favorable experience.”

“Before coming to physical therapy, I had a lot of pain on the side of my knee and knee cap. It hurt to crouch down or work out. Now several weeks later, I am more flexible from the stretches I do in therapy and there is less pain when I crouch or work out on an exercise bike.”


Penn-Trafford Physical Therapy, Inc