Digital Signal Processing

The DSP-10 Project

W7PUA Home site for the DSP-10 project featured in Sep, Oct, Nov '99 QST
Modified Source Files from W3SZ (updated 01-07-00)
ALT-1 saves sun and ALT-3 saves cold sky noise measurements (over whatever period you chose to record them) to disk in separate files sun.dat and cold.dat using the Ez-Kit Lite hardware. ALT-3 & ALT-4 are used to stop recording. (259k)
Non LZW GIF Encoder - Source Files ONLY! (7k) (46k) External screen capture program (146k) External screen capture program (12k) The loader no one seems to be able to find!
The DSP-10 display vs Hamview
Color Palete chart for uhfa.exe display
A new color palette for the DSP-10 project
^^^^^ Patch this into your uhfa.cfg file !

GRX Graphics library for Borland C++
Includes MANY video modes not available in the .BGI library!
BGI library for use under Windows with Borland v5.02 C++ !
Includes MOUSE drivers !
Serial Port drivers for Java !

Remote Programming PTS Synthesizers

Experimental 0 to 440 Mhz DSP Xcvr
using commercial PTS synthesizers
which tune in 0.1 Hz steps while locked
to a 10 Mhz reference.

This will be used as tuneable
100 to 200 Mhz IF
The Little Arecibo Dish project!

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The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing

More to Come !