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The imminent demolition of five 60-foot dish antennas built by Professor Ronald Bracewell at Stanford has been scheduled by the Dean of the School of Engineering. FBOA's effort to rescue the observatory is continuing.

THE BIG EAR at Ohio State was demolished to build a golf course. We already have more than an ample number of golf courses but we have far too few research facilities like the Big Ear and the Radio Telescope Dishes at Stanford. It is those dish antennas that got myself and many others interested in radio astronomy, moonbounce and space communications. Dish antennas are a valuable resource. They are just as useful today as the day they were built. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? Please THINK before you demolish a valuable resource that would be difficult to replace today due to cost! You are about to make a very grave mistake. Sometimes you never realize what you have lost until it's gone.



Day of Infamy

"It was a day of infamy in December 1982 when Ohio Wesleyan betrayed my trust and sold the land out from under the "Big Ear" to a developer who wanted to demolish the telescope for a golf course. It was a unique world class telescope which I had designed and built with my students using federal funding. Students and staff using it made the largest radio sky survey complete with maps resulting in many important discoveries including the discovery of the most distant known objects in the universe at a distance of over 12 billion light years where one light year is 9,000,000,000,000 kilometers. The telescope also detected the famous "WOW" signal, a possible artifact of an extra-terrestrial intelligent civilization. In addition, the telescope was used by the Ohio State University ElectroScience Laboratory for extensive measurements vital to our national security. What other discoveries and measurements might have been made if the telescope had not been demolished in 1998?"

W8JK - John Kraus
1910 - 2004

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