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From the land of perpetual overcast skies where we consider ourselves extremely lucky if we catch a glimpse of anything in the sky including the sun!






< Geosync Satellites ~75 degrees West Longitude
12-28-03 2:30 am 8 frames ~1 minute intervals. Note drift of North satellite!!! Light vertical bars on the left is caused by amp glow as no dark frames were subtracted from this sequence. SCOPE used to capture this sequence.

The new GMV-EX6K / MINTRON 12V1E-EX CAMERA is sensitive enough to image geosync satellites in REAL time. The Polaris DX-8263SL (which is nowhere near as sensitive) is a color camera with similar features. A comparison of three CCD cameras is HERE.


<Aurora at midnight 11-07-2004

Time lapse video 11-07-2004 Aurora>

Sunspot 696 responsible for the
aurora of 11-07-2004


Aurora Map Loading.....
NOAA Statistical Auroral Oval Map

Weather Maps
Mintron 12V1E-EX Mods - Adding external switches - Remote Control
DX-8263SL Mods - Adding external switches - Remote Control
Manual Gain modification for the PC164C camera !
FIRST LIGHT! Low Light Level camera experiments 11-07-03 (Mintron 12V1E-EX)
Astrophotos facing south August / September 2004
IC434 & B33 The Horsehead from my light polluted front yard! 12-02-2004
Comet Machholz (C2004 Q2) 12-17-2004
2004 Transit of Venus
2nd Widefield Scope 2003 - 2004
1st Widefield Scope 2002 - 2003
ETX-125 and Widefield Scope 12-21-04
ETX-125 rear port zero image shift focus mechanism 12-27-04
700 nm UV / IR infrared blocking Hot Mirror filter ($25) 01-07-04
Green Laser pointer as a finder scope
PC164C low light level TV Camera Jan 2003
Early AstroPix taken with CCD TV Camera - modified hand held Scanner! (1995-1996)
Early CCD Camera
The single photon TOAD detector ! Available at your nearest pond.
Difference Between C & CS Mount lens
Size Matters ! (When it comes to CCD Image Sensors that is.)
Celestron 114mm Reflector telescope on polar mount $5 at a pawn shop!
Preview $5 1.25 inch C-Mount adapter - $5 C-Mount ETX back adapter - CHEAP ETX back focal reduction / projection (Haven't had time to get back to this)

Moon Phase

Don't like the weather? - Stick around a few minutes. It'll change! Could be the worst place on the 3rd rock for astronomy!

Where 85% of the time the weather SUCKS! - Wx MAPS

Solar Image

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