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You Tube Videos!
Bicycle Safety (How NOT to get hit by cars!)

If you don't want to do something it's easy to find an excuse. However, if you really want to do something you will find a way! - ME
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And now
FREE GAS when (IF?) I need it!
Why not a tow behind


How to carry heavy / bulky items on a bicycle (Homemade Panniers, rear rack / fender, etc.)
Keeping warm in winter (Especially when riding a bicycle!)
FULL TIME Bicycle Video Security Camera (Proof when you need it!)
Bicycle headlights, turn signals, brake lights, horn etc! (Makes riding on the road a LOT safer!)
Hacking wireless heart rate monitors (How to intercept the wireless signal, record on a computer for later analysis, etc.)
Winter Cycling According to Pete (A humerous but very informative article on riding a bicyle in cold weather.)
Schwinn 12 Function Bicycle Computer Manual For everyone that can't find the manual after changing the battery.)


Video clip from CBC news Ottawa Canada
Bicycle Chase Unknown location other than Stratford Road and Channel 4
Do NOT put your foot in the spokes!

- Bicycle Video Camera -
Sample videos from the new security VIDEO CAMERA that is now PERMANENTLY installed on the bicycle!
Video is recorded to an SD Memory Card (NO vibration sensitive moving parts!) using a personal media player / recorder. More details and video coming when I have time to add to this page.
This camera has proven so effective that I will no longer ride without it!

FULL LENGTH VIDEO of my trip to the grocery store. It's far easier gettting to the grocery store as it's mostly downhill. This used to take me ~40 minutes. It now takes about 12. The bike also has a mic on it and you can hear passing cars as well as tire noise from the tires as the speed increases.

A short VIDEO segment of the return trip (when I'm carrying a 50 to 100 pound load. It's a LOT harder as it's mostly uphill plus I take a different route. I had a 105 pound load on the back of the bike when this video was recorded and there is a bit of wobble visible in the video due to the weight.

I'll expand this video when I have time to add to it.

Elevation map
Some of the hills on the return trip!

Two ~200 foot climbs, one right after the other! I used to have to WALK the bike up these hills. I'm now able to climb them at 15 to 20 MPH if I put my mind to it. And that includes a load of groceries on the back end while climbing.

The downhill section in the middle is a blast!!!

There is a total of 631 feet gain in elevation in three miles during part of the return trip!

Having a horn can sometimes save some grief.

The red car approaching from the right did NOT
stop for the stop sign. Worse yet they had their left
turn signal on and were turning into my path. They
were talking on a cell phone and looking at their
passenger instead of where they were going!

That is until I used the horn!


A short video clip of a hill that got in my way
while riding with a friend.

The bike I was riding wasn't the best for hill climbing
as it weighed close to 50 pounds due to the cargo
I was hauling on the back end.


Getting across 5 lanes of traffic is a LOT easier
with turn signals and a horn.


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